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Jun 3, 2008

QIAGEN BioRobot 8000 Gene Expression


The BioRobot 8000 series of molecular biology workstations is designed for high-throughput, walk-away nucleic acid purification using QIAGEN chemistries. An 8-channel pipetting system rapidly performs routine liquid-handling tasks with precision for the 96-well plate format. The robotic handling, automated vacuum, reagent and buffer delivery systems ensure high-performance processing without operator interaction.


  • QIAsoft Operating System v 4.0 controls operation of all components through protocols for DNA and RNA purification.
  • The BioRobot 8000 components: worktable, technical tower, robotic arm, robotic handling system, dilutor system, high-speed dispensing system, wash station, automated vacuum system, cooling and heating system, and high speed shaker system.
  • QIAsoft Gene Expression protocols: RNeasy 96 Universal Tissue Protocol and QIAprep 96 Turbo Microtiter/Elution Microtube Plate Protocol.


RI Genomics and Sequencing Center at gsc@etal.uri.edu or (401) 874-5919

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