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Sep 10, 2008

Genetic Analyzer ABI 3130


This instrument is a Genetic Analyzer ABI 3130 machine with a 4-capillary array. Fully automated from polymer loading and replacement to DNA separation, detection and data analysis enabling 24-hour unattended operation.


  • Autoloading of samples performed from one microtiter plate, either 96- or 384-well format
  • Arrays with four capillaries, currently in two lengths 36, 50.
  • Automated delivery system for POP-4™, POP-6™, or POP-7™ polymers
  • Argon laser with primary excitations at 488 and 515 nm * Detection of up to 5 dyes for sequencing and fragment analysis (microsatellite analysis, AFLP, LOH, SNP validation and SNP screening)
  • CCD detection technology and spectrograph for color separation
  • Software for DNA sequencing/base calling (Sequencing Analysis v5.2), for fragment analysis of microsatellites, SNP, AFLP and LOH (GeneMapper® v4.0), and Variant Reporter Software for reference based and non-reference based analysis


Elisabeth Arevalo at earevalo@providence.edu or Providence College's Biology Lab at (401) 865-1604 (or 1603)

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