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Jun 3, 2008

Thermo LTQ MS


Thermo LTQ Mass Spectrometer is used in the identification of the protein constituents of simple or complex mixture of proteins. MS can be used for:

  • Identification of the protein constituents of any protein sample with a complexity from a single protein to thousands of proteins in a single analysis
  • Identification of sites of post-translational modification for a single protein or mixture of proteins, such as the specific case of identification of phosphorylation sites
  • Analysis of any protein sample from any organism with a sequenced genome
  • Elucidation of the identity of protein-protein interactors as revealed in an affinity purification method such as TAPTAG, etc.
  • Either relative quantitation of the fold change of proteins or peptides between multiple cellular states or absolute quantitation of the abundance of a single protein in a complex mixture (with an isotopically labeled peptide standard) 

MS requirements:

Proteins are digested with trypsin to create peptides and then separated by C18 reversed-phase chromatography. This chromatography is completely incompatible with any detergent. If detergents were used in the preparation of a proteomic sample, they must be completely and absolutely removed prior to submission for proteomic analysis.


RI Proteomics Center, James Clifton, PhD at James_Clifton@brown.edu or (401) 863-7095

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